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What This Book is About


Hi, my name is Marc, and I think a book like this requires a bit of explanation before you dive right in. My little brother, the Thomas that this book is named for, has a very unique way of viewing the world which is partly due to his autism and has developed a host of mannerisms (Thomasisms as we nicknamed them) that other people sometimes consider weird. Rather than get angry at such people, I set out to help them understand the logic grinding away behind my brother’s mischievous smile. This started as a series of articles on a blog, then moved onto a slightly larger blog and now has made the exciting transition into book form. Each story is true but also contains my own attempt to explain the leap of logic that got us into the situations you will read about in this book. I can’t claim to know everything about autism, but I do know Tom, and I am confident that more than a few of my observations are right on the mark. Each story is bite-sized so there’s no need to read them all in one sitting, but each one is packed with insight, hilarity and a character that is distinctly Tom.

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