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The Bridgetown Survival Guide


Welcome to Bridgetown where survival rates are lower than minimum wage, religion is a bad habit that the town hasn’t quite given up, and roving bands of lawyers prowl the streets. This is a town brimming with wealth if you have the stomach to do what’s needed, and our guide will help you to last long enough to get what you deserve. Written inside are anecdotes from ten real, ahem, life citizens of our beloved town who will give their experiences of our charming locales, including but not limited to: The allotments, where the mayor has his gardeners battle for supremacy; the abandoned schoolyard, and the enchanted forest within; and even the depths of Down Below. Our advice to you is to get rich and then get out because one way or another…

You won’t be here for long

About the book

This book is a series of ten short stories focusing on men and women from the various districts of Bridgetown. Each story will allow you to step into their shoes, and see the different parts of the town through their eyes as only a resident can. This story is an introduction to the series as a whole, but more than that, it’s an introduction to Bridgetown itself.

So please, for your own sake, remember your manners.


This book is nearing completion, I am just waiting for a final round of feedback from beta readers, and then it will be edited for grammar. Once those steps are complete I will make it available for purchase through kindle and other e-book stores, and maybe even hard copies too. There are even whispers of a map being drawn up of the town.

I will update this page when I have news, as well as mentioning it in the Sunday Catch-Up. And, when it is finally ready for consumption you can expect trumpets.

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