The Bridgetown Gazette

Bringing You the Truth (as dictated by the Mayor)

The Tales of Bridgetown

Welcome to Bridgetown, where gold is all that matters and people will sell their own mothers if they think it can earn them a profit. From a distance, it may seem like a beautiful place with nine strong bridges arching across the river. Trust me, it’s only beautiful from a distance. When you get close enough the smell is overwhelming, as sewers vomit their contents into the river and the fish die in droves adding their own odour to the mix. The men and women that live there are not your friends and are only your neighbours by default. And, as if the people themselves weren’t dangerous enough, something else lurks in the deep places of the town, in the depths of down below.

Bridgetown is a fantasy series filled with dark humour, devilish villains, and plots thick enough that you have to eat them with a spoon. The series begins with the Bridgetown Survival Guide, a story of death, betrayal, and baking, and takes you on a guided tour through the worst parts of the town, and gives you tips on how to survive your first visit. This is followed by the Ninth Bridge, which tells the tale of Marian Winters, a man who should really have read the guide for himself.

This series will feature a cast of characters from all walks of life and involve them in adventures that will change and, more often than not, end their lives. The cast may change but one thing will always stay the same: Bridgetown, because no matter how hard people try the town never changes.

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