Prompt: Cavity

Hi guys, I am here today to bring some very exciting news, for me at least. As of yesterday, I have been given the final version of my book cover to approve. I have done so (because it is awesome) and that means the 9th Bridge is one step closer to being released. And, to double up on my excitement, I have been given a hint towards the release date.

As of Monday next week, the 5th if you were wondering, I am releasing a series of articles written in a newspaper style by characters who exist in Bridgetown. The series will run for ten weeks and be accompanied by book reviews that I have done for my fellow Words Matter authors. Now, the exciting part about all this is that I was planning on releasing these to coincide with the release of 9th Bridge.

Now, while I was asking about the release date so I could schedule my posts accordingly and the revealed something quite alarming: there are less than ten weeks until the book is released. Now, admittedly that’s still a big window, but that’s not stopped me from bouncing around the house. There is a ticking clock, and I am ready-ish. The only downside is that my book will likely release before the series is finished, but that’s

So to recap, excitement, followed swiftly by my first article Breaking News: Death of a Public Official, on Monday. Until then, I need a nap because all this excitement has worn me out.