Daily Prompt Automatic

Hey everyone. If your new to the blog this article and others like it are my attempt to put everything I’ve learned about writing, down on paper (figuratively), and a chance for other followers to offer their own tips and differing opinions. Today’s post is about those days when you find yourself writing on autopilot, those moments when you have to read back over it because you’ve no idea what was said. I do this myself sometimes and I have found it both infuriating and useful. Below is my musings on why.

I have to admit that sometimes, when my subconscious is let off the leash, What I wrote is better than what I intended to write. Recently I was writing a novel and the direction I had been planning, since the start of the first draft, changed without me meaning too. A character who I’d been building up as an obstacle was removed by a side-character. However, I found that it worked better because it gave my obstacle character a slightly more sympathetic standing, useful for developing his character. It annoyed me like heck at first but after taking the time to think about it I realised this was much better. If you have moments like this then let you brain have it’s way. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your plan for the story if you have a way of making it better.

What I find most frustrating with situations like this is when I write something, and it’s good, but it doesn’t fit in with what has already been written. If you encounter this then my advice would be to take that section/sentence and put it somewhere you will remember it, like it’s own word document. These ideas might not fit with what’s being written at the time, but I’ve often found that they can spur new ideas when I go back to them. That scene might not have fit there, but with a bit of tweaking it could be a perfect twist on a future scene you’ve been planning. Above all with this I would say never throw anything away when writing. That scenes trash could well be the next chapters treasure.

Finally we have humour. Many a time have I written a sentence and misspelled words which, when looked at the right way add a different context to the scene. Unless you’re writing humour these snippets probably aren’t that useful, but they can be delightful mistakes to share with readers. If you have fans and followers who keep appraised of your work then mention it to them when your communicating. These situations are a little bit like watching movie out-takes, and they can be enjoyable for fans as much as the finished product.

That’s it for writing on automatic today. If this post amused you or gave you ideas then feel free to comment. I shall be back next Sunday with another prompt post to breathe some life back into this neglected blog. Until then, if you have topics you’d like to see written about then, by all means, send me a comment.