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The Job of an author is a difficult one whatever way you look at it. You spend months, maybe years crafting a manuscript, and then toil for years after that trying to get it published. For some of us, the toil is a fact of life, something we can stoically carry through the years, but for others, there are many knockbacks on the road to publication. But, if you take only one thing away from this article let it be this, it’s worth it. If you are determined and focused you will get your break, whether through luck and chance, or hard work and grit will let you make your own break. Regardless of your methods, this article was written to reach out to authors across the world and give us all a much-needed boost.

Tip 1: My first suggestion if you’re an author, is for you to help other authors. It’s a long road, and other authors know it best, and for all of those times you’ve been down in your cups and needed a pick me up I would find an author out there in the world and try and cheer them up. If they have a blog then your support can be as simple as reading a post, some days you might not even need to read it, just that little positive feedback to make their day a little bit brighter. If you have a little bit of time, read through their blog posts, or facebook status, and maybe even their tweets, and take a moment to respond. Written responses, especially something an author can respond to, will give them something to focus on, and you might even enjoy the possible conversation that follows.

Tip 2: Now, blog posts are all well and good, but the closest thing to an author’s heart (besides family, friends etc.(in most cases)), is through their writing. If you know an author who is writing in your genre, someone you know well enough to offer feedback, beta reading, and grammar help, then get yourself involved. Not only is this creative process good inspiration for both sides, it’s also reciprocal in most cases. We all know how difficult it is getting the help you need, and I’ve rarely met an author who isn’t willing to return a favour that’s been done for them. Throw yourself out into the world, get stuck in, and you’ll almost certainly learn things about writing that you haven’t known before now because even professional writers have more to learn.

Tip 3: My final tip, and this is a big one, would be helping nurture a book once it’s on the shelf. Hands down one of the best ways you can do this (aside from running down the street and throwing hard copies at passersby) is to offer people reviews for their books. Most authors are quite happy to send a free copy in exchange for a review, which means more book reading, and leads to more inspiration for you. For them, it means one more boost that their book might sorely need to climb out of the ranking abyss that exists on sites like Amazon and Smashwords. I love running my review service on Eleven Media and am hoping to bring those reviews over to this site too. They feel like my way of giving back to a community that’s full of support, being generous when it’s needed, and giving a boost to fellow authors stuck with me in the ranking abyss.

That’s it for this week. Apologies if I got a bit mushy in this article. As always if you want to comment with criticism, suggestions, and maybe even praise (I can dream lol), then feel free to do so.

Until then, be generous, you know you want to.