Via Daily Prompt: Together

Hi, all and welcome back to another post focusing on the weird and wonderful world of writing. In an effort to rejuvenate the site I am joining the WordPress, daily prompts. Now, with that said, let’s get started and look at my top tips for bringing characters together.

Tip 1: It might seem tempting, especially if you’ve given your character a truly tragic backstory, to make things easier for them in their stories. Reign in this impulse if you have it because life just doesn’t happen like that. People aren’t going to fall into friendship with each other at the drop of a hat, and readers may well find it unsatisfying if your gruff and unsociable protagonist changes his tune the minute he meets a character made to be his friend/love interest (I’m looking at your paranormal romance). Instead, when the characters first meet it might be better to stir things up. Have you character clash during their first meeting, set their epic love story/bromance back a few miles and have them earn their friendship over the course of the story. Conflict is key to interesting writing which means, sadly, sometimes you have to split your characters before bringing them together.

Tip 2: to build upon my previous tip, my next suggestion would be making sure that, even when they’ve earned their friendship, your characters still don’t see eye to eye on everything. It could be as simple as a football rivalry, but to add a level of depth and realism to your characters, it makes sense for them to disagree on some things, and maybe even lots of things. This doesn’t mean they can’t be friends (remember how often Ron and Harry came to blows), instead, it makes it that much more satisfying when, despite their differences, they still have each others backs when it counts.

Tip 3: My third and final tip for bringing you characters together is backstory. My above tips focus on how you can bring characters together over the course of a story, but there are going to be some who, at the beginning of the book, are already close friends. This is fine, and make for interesting characters, but it might be worth feeding your readers some backstory during the course of the plot. Nothing huge, and avoid exposition like the plague, but have them reminisce over previous adventures, have them bump heads over familiar rivalries, and good times together. Little bits like that help readers realise why these characters became friends and adds the layers and depths required for a three-dimensional character.

Those are my top three tips for bringing characters together. If you have any tips of your own  I would love to hear about them as I am always looking to improve my writing. If you disagree with any of my points then I’d like to hear from you too for exactly the same reason.

If you like this post then I will likely join in with daily posts in the future and bring you more of my personal writing tips.

Until then, enjoy bringing character together