Bridgetown is steadily creeping towards its completion and with that day coming closer I decided that it was time to share some of the artwork that will be part of the finished novel. This first article will display the progress of the map of Bridgetown, which is being created by the talented Jodie Rio. Let’s get started.

These first three images come as a trio and they display locations of interest throughout the town. The town itself is made up of nine districts, and each has at least a few of these interesting locations. The image on the left is the graveyard, and in a town like Bridgetown, it needs a lot of space or risks the street being overrun with the dead. The central image is the town hall, which for those who are unaware, is the rotten heart of the town and the lair of the infamous Mayor of Bridgetown. The final image on the right belongs to Crowley and Co. a firm of lawyers who are determined to possess the highest building in the whole town. They are in competition with a similar firm on the other side of the river and this bitter rivalry often explodes into all-out battle on the streets.


The next set of images to appear was in the form of a nearly completed district, the ninth to be precise, and also the cause of our first snag. When I was sent this at first I exploded with excitement, but then I stopped to consult my mental map and realised that the district in question, which looked amazing, was supposed to be up at the top of the map. I told Jodie and she told me no worries as we had caught it early and were able to correct it easily before it became a proper issue. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the police station, and been surprised that a town as corrupt as this even has one, I know the residents definitely are.

These two belong together as a pair and are an excellent example of a before and after image of the map. This starts at the bottom with the first district, which contains a wickedly enchanted forest, and spreads up the river towards the ninth district. I love that all of the bridges are slightly different, and the swirling labels are a little detail, but like all little details, I absolutely love them.


And here we have something close to the finished product. There are currently four bridges on display, which leave roughly half of the map still to be revealed. I am absolutely loving everything I can see, especially the small signs which represent the pubs of unusual names that dot the whole of the town. After seeing this I genuinely cannot wait for the final product, and am so glad I decided to hold off the release until it was ready.

Jodie is a very talented artist and has gone above and beyond everything I expected for this map. If you are interested in hiring her for your own creative endeavours then you can find more of her artwork here. I will write another post when I have the finished map and be back with another artwork article when I have the finished cover designs for you.

Until next time, I’ll be at the Cat’s Cradle.