Name: The Judge

Age: 54

Description: Imagine a man in his prime, who is creeping ever closer to that age when the body can’t perform as quickly as it used to, and the mind is starting to dull. The Judge has been described as tall, sharp features that never move being stoic dismissal. His hair is bright grey, although many suspect he applies dye to hide his ageing. Despite encroaching age he keeps himself and his clothes neat and tidy, never a hair out of place, and those poor unfortunate souls that have made him angry have described a glare that froze the blood in their veins.

Relationship status: Single, although he does spend an awful lot of time with the mistress of the baking guild.

Family: Unknown, his only trusted companion is his butler but that man is more secretive than his master.

Opinion of himself: The Judge is not a man for half-measures, not content to control the fortunes of men through money, he learned to control their souls too. With this strange ability under his control, he has taken his place as the undisputed leader of the black market and criminal underworld of Bridgetown. He offers favours that benefit those who seek his help, but always at a steep cost, and only when it advances one of his many ulterior motives. In his mind’s eye, he is the one person in the town with vision, and he has his mind set on a very large prize indeed.

View from the street: The Judge can give you anything your heart desires, and his wealth and influence are seemingly limitless. However, that influence costs you your soul. People don’t seem to realise this, even though he is polite enough to be perfectly honest about it, and most sign their souls away without thinking about the consequences. Those poor unfortunate souls who have made these pacts with him reported that, before their contract was claimed, he stuck not only to the letter of his contracts but to the spirit of it too. The Judge exacts a high price, but for that price he is willing to be generous and fair.

Survival Guide recommendation: The Judge can only claim the soul of the dead, so if you’re foolish enough to make a deal with him make sure you live a long and fulfilling life. The best path would be to avoid making any deal at all, but if you are truly desperate enough to risk your eternal soul by making a deal with this man, make sure you get something good. But beware, the favours he asks in exchange for these deals are often incredibly dangerous, you may find yourself dead before you get a chance to enjoy the reward.