Name: Benjamin Grey

Age: 36

Description: Imagine a man that towers over even the tallest people in Bridgetown, dark skin that makes his face inscrutable at night and a pair of gleaming segmented gauntlets that turn his fists into potent weapons. This is the face of The Hooded Priest, the one that you must fear in the night if you are a servant of evil, but this is not his only face. Come to him in the daylight, in need of help, guidance and the Young Gods mercy and you will find him with him a very different man. His skin will still be dark, he will still tower over the tallest man but his face will not be the harsh mask that evil fears, it will be a smile, warm and welcoming. The gauntlets will be hidden, and you will see strong hands that he will turn to any task you need his help with.

Relationship status: single, although this is notably not a requirement of his faith.

Family: when asked about his family, he remained politely silent.

Opinion of himself: Benjamin is a humble man, trying to stay true to the spirit of the god he serves. However, his posting in the small church within Bridgetown has tarnished his once unshakeable faith. He views himself as a pillar of faith on which the church can stand, but that pillar is crumbling inevitably under the weight of the cities corruption. He will keep fighting to the very last, but if his efforts are not rewarded then his belief might shatter.

View from the street: religion is a bad habit that the people of Bridgetown haven’t quite given up yet, it’s a place where their wildest dreams can come true with no belief required. They view the priest as an oddity, his sometimes overzealous hunting of evil in the city makes them fear that the small darkness in each of their hearts might draw down his wrath. Still, there are a few people who believe otherwise, people who have entered his church and asked for his help. They speak of a kind and patient man, the last true bastion against the depths of down below. Perhaps they’re right, but then again perhaps not. Still, it’s not impossible that they could all be right.

Survival Guide recommendation: In a town filled with so many dangers it’s nice to be able to offer people a safe haven when they’re lost and in the dark. Benjamin will not solve your problems for you, it’s not what he does, instead, he will provide you with the strength you need to do it yourself. If you are lost in the dark, cold in the night or afraid of what lurks below then go to him and ask for his help. He will give it to you, and unlike everything else in Bridgetown, it will not cost you a thing.