Name: Pride

Age: as old as Bridgetown itself

Description: Pride sits tall on a pillar of bedrock, carved into stairs though he has no need of them to ascend. Atop this pillar is a throne, formed from bone, the bones of those who have made deals with him and paid the ultimate price. He was human once, or so they say, and his form reflects that. However, you will never mistake him for what he might have been, for now, his body is a twisted reflection of a human form. Pride is eight foot tall wearing the darkest black armour of an unknown metal, his skin a shade of royal blue with a crown of bone growing from his bald scalp. You may look at him and see power, raw strength contained in his muscles but for your own sake never look in his eyes.

His eyes…oh, to forget.

Relationship status: married (it’s a long story)

Family: descendants mostly, none who would know him by his real name.

Opinion of himself: Pride is the self-styled king of Down Below, ruler of the nine demons that live there and master of those above. He wants people to believe him all-knowing, so he listens to every dark whisper that reaches his ears. He constantly chafes at the restrictions that hold him underground, rages at the old fool who would call himself mayor of the town above and plots grievous revenge on the people who live just over his head. However, in the quieter moments when he believes nobody watches, he lets himself waver. He might be too proud to admit it, but the king is afraid.

Survival Guide recommendation: The demons of Down Below are all dangerous, offering small temptations that swiftly lead to much larger temptations. Before you know it you find yourself signing on the dotted line, giving away your soul to those who would claim it for themselves. The entrances to Pride’s realm are hidden, but they have a bad habit of appearing to the downtrodden and the desperate, and if you see the way down you will be tempted to walk it. It’s asking a miracle, but don’t fall to temptation. Pride will give you everything you have ever wanted, more than you could ever dream of and when he’s finished he will take from you the only thing that matters. If you find yourself before the king then we are truly sorry, and if you want to make it out alive with your ill-gotten gains remember one thing.

Don’t forget to bow.