Welcome to the final Bridgetown world-building article of the series, where I will focus on the magic and mystery, because it wouldn’t be a fantasy novel without it. Magic is not a force to be controlled, something you can’t tame with spells and incantations, well, you could try. Magic is one more force that serves itself in this world of mine, but if you’re lucky you might just persuade it to help.

The Demons of Down Below are the biggest magical influence of Bridgetown and have had a huge effect on how the town has developed. There are nine of them dwelling in the dark, and they have bound themselves to the bridges. So long as they live the bridges will remain strong, the roads will remain passable, and the town will never be rid of them. They are constantly listening to the whispers of the lonely, downtrodden and desperate souls living in the town above them, and when the time is right they open up a path to their domains. They will rarely ask for your soul, at first, but once you have made that first bargain, the temptation to ask for more will increase, and before you know what has happened, you have signed away your soul.

Religion is not a common practice in Bridgetown, there is only one church that hasn’t been knocked down and that’s more through laziness than anything. However, that is not always the case for the rest of the world. There are nine gods, each with different aspects worshipped across the world, and they are generally considered to be malevolent with occasional bouts of benevolence. Nobody understands their plans or schemes, and most quite correctly assume there are none, but when they act on the world it tends to be in cataclysmic proportion. Their foothold is strongest in the north, where worship borders on fanaticism, but their presence can be felt across the world.

The Twisted Sisters, are a group that has attempted to tame the magical forces that run wild across the land, and in many ways they have succeeded, but in just as many they have failed. They have a school where those who have inherited this power train, and they preach control over the mystical forces. But, what none realise, is that they are not controlling magic, it’s controlling them. Never before has the wild faceless force had an outlet before, but now it does and it is starting to shape it’s own plans for the world.

More than anything in magic, more than gods, demons and even magic itself, the fantastical elements of this story are meant to be mysterious. When it affects the world you’re reading it happens by accident, rarely by design, and as the series progresses you will see that the greatest, most powerful and beautiful acts of magic happen by accident when you least expect them to. I genuinely hope that sense of wonder carries over into the book because it is something I have tried very hard to impart.

That’s it for the very last Bridgetown world-building article. I hope you have enjoyed this series, and I hope you look forward to reading the book. Unfortunately, my plans for releasing this month have stalled, as I do not possess all the artwork required. I have considered releasing without the map, but this is a series close to my heart, and when it is released, it is going to be done right.