A very interesting post, beware piracy. buy books or wait for free promotions

M.S Olney Author

As I said in my previous blog post I did a bit of searching on the old internet and discovered that my book War for the Sundered Crown appeared on numerous websites offering its users to download for free. In short, piracy.

Most self-published and small press authors are not wealthy by any means, so discovering that some pirate ass-hat has stolen your (already cheap to buy) books and is giving it away for free online. Whilst this is a major issue for the industry it might not be what you think. After doing some research I’ve discovered that many of those sites that claim to offer free books are in fact a front for other scams. Some go all out to make their sites look genuine, they even have customer reviews (often fake profiles) to try and add to the sense of realism.

Cheapskates being suckered in by scammers

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