Name: The Mayor

Age: uncertain, although historians have found records of his activity at least two centuries prior to the writing of the Survival Guide.

Description: If you haven’t seen the Mayor you should look out for a man who used to be rotund before age, disease and wasting took its toll. Although his assistants frequently press him into smart suits you can’t help but notice the empty rolls of fat bulging from inside, dangling as he moves his arms. His teeth, the ones he has left, are yellowing and rotten with a nasty bite. His face is covered in whiskers and wrinkled like an onion left out in the sun, but his eyes are as beady and sharp as the day he was born and they never miss a thing.

Relationship status: single, although one of his yoga instructors has caught his eye

Family: Deceased

Family background: rumour and conjecture are all the Survival Guide have collected with regards to the Mayor’s family. The writers presume that he had a mother unless the pits of Hell just spat him out into existence, and if he did have a mother then one might assume he had a father. Sometimes when he lets his guard down his assistants hear mutters about a brother, maybe several brothers, but given the brutal ambition of The Mayor nobody expects them to turn up alive.

His opinion of himself: The Mayor is the defacto ruler of Bridgetown, and has been for as long as anyone can remember. If you are unlucky enough to talk to him he will speak as though you are dirt on his shoe at best, and non-existent at his most crotchety. He genuinely seems to believe that there is an importance to what he does and that the people of the town should be thankful for his tyranny although thus far nobody has stepped forward to thank him.

View from the street: The writers of the Survival Guide were lucky enough to interview an unfortunate lad who had the enviable duty of clipping the Mayor’s toenails. The poor lad, recently blinded in a work-related accident, called the man a tyrant and blamed him completely for his condition. Another woman lost her late husband after attending a speech in front of town hall, only for the Mayor to emerge and start shooting into the crowd with his crossbow. Even the Bridgemasters, those men, and women that control each of the nine bridges, no to fear him and would never speak out against him.

Recommendation from the Survival Guide: If you encounter this man and he is unarmed, it would be advisable to run away as fast as you can. If he is armed, retreat but never take your eyes off him unless you want to be shot in the back. Whether or not he serves an important purpose in the town, or indeed any purpose at all, is entirely irrelevant. There is not a man or woman alive with the cunning to depose him, the only man that came close was burned alive in his own factory. The best recommendation that can be given with regards to the Mayor is to avoid him and the central district where he spends most of his time. You’ll live longer that way.