Name: The Assassin

Age: 45

Description: Imagine a giant in pitch-black iron armour, whose footfalls shake the earth that she walks upon. Imagine a thick oiled coat with water sluicing off, back into the river from which she emerged. Finally, imagine a hammer that no man can lift, a hammer that even she cannot lift without using two hands. Pray that this figure never leaves your imagination because if you have seen this with your waking eyes it is already too late for you. The signature black iron mask is shaped into the form of a demon and is often the last face anybody ever sees.

Relationship status: she had a husband, once.

Family: daughter.

Family background: It cost life and limb just to discover that The Assassin had a daughter but her identity and location are a mystery. It is probably safest that way, for everyone else.

Opinion of herself: The assassin is not dramatic, not prone to feats of theatricality and definitely does not wear all black and use a dagger. She simply doesn’t stop. She killed or drove off every other assassin in the town when she arrived and did it by being brutally efficient, and not letting pride get in the way of a simple kill. If you are one of the lucky few you might escape her, the first time, but she will allow this because eventually you will run out of places to hide, and then you belong to her.

View from the street: The rank and file of Bridgetown have made the interesting assumption that The Assassin is a man, reasoning that it simply couldn’t be a woman. The Assassin is quite happy to keep things that way. They view this man as a demon from the north where men grow strong and tall, and that he has come down to their town to prey on them because he tires of the cold. The Assassin is the worst kept secret of the town, everybody knows something about him, which equates to nobody knowing anything of use.

Survival Guide recommendation: The Assassin is a servant of The Mayor, so the best suggestion is avoiding the myriad twisted schemes he may be involved in at any one point. Also, try really hard not to piss him off, he may well set her on you out of spite. Failing all that, if the Assassin is chasing you through the town, and this is the best chance you’ve got, look to the river.